Alive & Kicking teaches regularly scheduled workshops and multi-week classes. Find one near you. Or let us customize a program for you or your group.

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We are experienced teaching teens, survivors, mother-daughter combos, community health workers, lesbian/queer women, women with special physical needs, seniors, and other self-defense instructors. Enroll in a class now.

What Will I learn?
Because violence exists in different forms—emotional, verbal, and physical—we teach a variety of strategies and options. Classes build on your existing knowledge and balance physical with non-physical techniques.

In our classes you will learn:
  • PHYSICAL TECHNIQUES that can disable attackers of any size
  • ASSERTIVENESS TECHNIQUES that provide useful negotiating skills for everyday life, de-escalate dangerous situations, help prevent sexual harassment, and deter potential attackers
  • AWARENESS of the many ways in which our society is violent to women and how to develop an attitude of self-protection
Classes include demonstrations, practice drills, group discussion, role-plays, and connections to your daily life.

The physical skills focus on simple movements using the strengths of a woman or girl's body against the weaknesses of an assailant's body. You'll learn a variety of strikes, kicks, and releases, and will have the opportunity to problem solve "what-if" situations. Regardless of your age, shape, size, or level of physical fitness, these moves are doable and effective.

The non-physical skills include defining your personal boundaries, learning verbal and non-verbal strategies, and practice maintaining your boundaries. Discussion topics may include relationship violence, self-esteem, risk assessment, and topics chosen by you.