We teach Bay Area women and girls tools to use the power of our bodies, minds, and voices.  We promote freedom, health, and safety by confronting oppression, fear, and violence.

As members of Alive and Kicking, we strive to:  
  • end violence against women
  • empower women and girls to reach their full potential
  • provide women and girls with physical, verbal, mental, and emotional tools with which to defend themselves
  • dispel myths about violence against women
  • end all forms of oppression through education of ourselves and others
  • be a model of a non-violent, non-oppressive organization
  • teach self-defense classes and workshops that are affordable, provide a safe space, and are accessible to women and girls of all backgrounds and abilities
  • teach diverse populations of women and girls, and maintain a diverse membership
  • tailor our courses to respond to the varying needs of the individual students and communities we teach
  • network with other organizations and build coalitions around shared issues
  • continue educating ourselves and improving our skills, knowledge and curricula