What Tools? What Targets?
By Amelia
Nairobi, Kenya

I think it will be important to tell you I was attacked together with one of my friends by thugs, and thank God I managed to rescue her together with me...more

Don’t You Trust Me?
By Sara
Walnut Creek, CA

I am at work this morning and feeling more and more disturbed from a 30-second encounter that happened early this morning...more

Trusting My Intuition
By Maricella
Oakland, CA

I realized my fear and anxiety about getting mugged was growing and I hadn’t done anything to address my growing fears… I wondered, “If it happens to me, what would I really do?"...more
Freeway Overpass
By Maria
San Francisco, CA

Five years after taking this self-defense course I was walking across a freeway overpass at dusk when my intuition warned me of serious danger…more