What Tools? What Targets?
By Amelia
Nairobi, Kenya

I think it will be important to tell you I was attacked together with one of my friends by thugs, and thank God I managed to rescue her together with me. They were two men and it happened that they wanted to snatch the properties that we were carrying and immediately they got hold of me. Then I was like, “What tools? - What targets?” Believe it, it worked. Since I used the power on my hips to turn around and then using my elbow I happened to hit him on the vulnerable upper part of his body, and while he was undergoing the pain I got hold of his head and hit it using my knee, and because my friend was still struggling to get off the attacker I managed to hit his ribs and I got hold of my friend’s hand, leaving everything we had and ran away for our lives.

I was so happy that I made it and I even shed tears for the courage that I had and the yell that drew people near. I thank God for your teachings. They encourage me each and everyday of my life knowing that I am worth defending, a woman of power, a woman of noble purpose just like you. Right now in my school people, especially ladies, are so much interested in knowing how to use the “tools and targets” that they have. Since they are always interested when they see me doing exercises everyday and when I get to tell them of how to defend themselves. Some of them are victims of rape. I love you and you mean a lot to me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR BEING THERE FOR US.

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